Hair Care

Mojo Modern Beauty Studio Hair Service Menu:

Consultation - Free 30min. on any service

All shampooing services (exclusding services: braids, Updos, Specific Heat Styling, & some Wig services) Come with a complimentary hot towel warmer on the neck a scalp massage to stimulate collagen and hair growth and a hot towel hair wrap


Haircuts - $50+ (Packages Available)
Clipper Haircuts - $30
Kids 12 and under - $20

***Prices Depending on Length, Density and Product needed
to achieve the end goal.***

Natural Hair Wash and Silk Press - $55+
Blowouts - $40+
Blowout Round Brush Set - $60
Updos - $100+
Half-up - $85+

All Hair service Prices are based on Length, Density and Product
Needed to achieve the end goal
**Each color Service is calculated for a certain amount of product and
any additional color bowls will be +$5 and any additional
lightener bowls will be +$12 for more full coverage or high fashion looks**

Partial Foils - $95+
Full Foils - $130+
Half Coverage Balayage - $100+
Full Coverage Balayage - $150+
Platinum Card Application - $200+
Roots (4 weeks) - $75
All Over Glaze - $85+
Toner - $35+
Individual Foil (Per) - $5+
Color Correction - Upon Consultation

Olaplex Add-in - $15 (Each Bowl)
Finishing Touch Add-on to Color- $10 straighten or add texture waves

All Treatment Prices are determined on the Length, Density and Product
needed to Achive the end goal. Treatments with stars add +$15 with a full round brush blowout if stand alone service.

*Hair Masque - $15+
*Hydrating Cuticle Sealer - $30+
*2 Part Splint end Treatment - $50+
Olaplex Treatment - $50+



Hand-Tied Volume Wefts - $450+
Tape-in Volume Extensions - $450+
Long Pony Tail Install - $450+



***Frontal and Wig Prices do NOT include hair in pricing. Customization
Will be done prior to appointment times. Anything past 22 inches requires
4 Bundles for a FULLNESS look. No cut bundle pieces allowed. Absolutely NO PRODUCTS should be in the hair or yours prior to your appointment. After 3 Bundles, any extra is a $25 fee. Please allow your day to be free from being of having important obligations as appointments will not be rushed. MUST come washed and braided***

*Consultation 30 minutes - Free
*Customization and Coloring fee is still applied

Frontal Pony Install with 1-2 Bundles - $250+
Wig Install - $250
Full Lace Install - $300+
Frontal Replacement - $175 (Must be Previously Laid by me)
Frontal Sew-In -  $350
Closure Replacement -  $175 (Must be Previously Laid by me)
Closure Sew-In - $350
Half Up/Half Down Sew In - $300 (Requires 3-4 Bundles)
Frontal/Closure Wig Install -  $250

**Customization is required for a melted scalp look and to maximize
the duration of the install**


Men's Hair Replacement:

Using top of the line products and hair to replace patches or full missing spots of hair. Prices may vary depending on products needed, length and base.

Consultation *30 minutes - Free

Install - $250
Unit Maintnance - Starting at $50
Hair Unit Base / Coloring - Starting at $400